Last year, the annual turnover of AS Olainfarm Group subsidiary – the outpatient medical service provider SIA OlainMed increased by 15%, topping EUR 1 million for the first time in the company’s history. In the past five years since it merged with the AS Olainfarm Group, which invested EUR 1.5 million in the company, OlainMed’s turnover has steadily grown every year, enabling it to end 2022 in profit.

Thanks to AS Olainfarm’s investments, the services that OlainMed provides to patients have significantly improved. Sizable funds have been invested in the modernization and refurbishment of the building, office re-planning, creation of new functions, such as infant rehabilitation and ophthalmology offices, along with a new reception block, streamlining of the call centre, introduction of the first e-solutions and modernization of doctors’ workplaces.

This, in turn, has facilitated an expansion in the range of services and diagnostic options. Moreover, all services are now available to patients in one place, including the refurbished day hospital and dental block, which was previously based in another building. Furthermore, since its merger with the Olainfarm Group, the number of OlainMed’s specialists and medical staff has nearly doubled.

“We are extremely proud of our team. The specialists who work for us remain here in the long-term – 15 years or more, forming a united team and good collaboration between doctors, which is also crucial for patients. When people have problems of a medical nature, it is convenient to resolve them in one place. OlainMed is a comprehensive outpatient facility, which is very convenient for families, because all our specialists also work with children. We also highly appreciate our collaboration with specialists from Ukraine. At present, we have an excellent endocrinologist working for us, which is a tremendous benefit for any regional medical institution, because such specialists are in short supply,” says OlainMed Board Chair Darja Cvetkova.

She acknowledges that pulmonologist’s and rehabilitation services are currently in great demand, which oftentimes is linked to complaints of shortness of breath and increased fatigue after recovering from Covid-19. In addition, it is worth noting that one of the side effects of the pandemic were a sedentary lifestyle. The number of patients with various complications resulting from Covid-19 increased by about a third last year.

In 2023 – in its 30th year in operation – OlainMed plans to develop telemedicine by modernizing offices, systems and purchasing software licenses. This year, AS Olainfarm group will invest over EUR 150,000 euros in the company. Digitalization of doctors’ workplaces will make it possible to serve more patients, including consulting remote patients. The telemedicine service pilot project was implemented by OlainMed during the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to ensure the availability of rehabilitation services in conditions of widespread restrictions, OlainMed’s specialists were one the first in Latvia to provide the therapeutic exercise service remotely. “The initial consultation is conducted in person, because the specialist needs to evaluate and examine the patient. After that, according to the methodology we have developed, services can also be offered remotely, with patient’s attending a control appointment no more than once a month,” says the Board Chair of OlainMed, introducing the new telemedicine service.

“We are delighted with the results achieved by OlainMed, which in recent years has become popular provider of outpatient services in the Zemgale region. The benefits it derives as part of the Olainfarm Group are self-evident, ranging from investments in its development to cooperation between the group’s companies, as a result of which we are better able to help patients. One example is OlainMed’s cooperation with our group company DiaMed, which provides high-class diagnostics, allows patients to get a faster referral for magnetic resonance or other diagnostics and examination results, in order to prescribe treatment faster,” explains Juris Bundulis, Chairman of the Board of AS Olainfarm.

Overall, every year OlainMed provides services to 20,000 patients in Olaines District, but its geographically convenient location and the availability of highly qualified specialists are also appreciated by the residents of Mārupe District, along with the residents of Jelgava District, who work in Riga. In 2022, the number of OlainMed patients rose by over 5% compared to the year before.

About OlainMed

SIA OlainMed provides a broad range of outpatient medical services including cardiovascular functional check-ups, USG, radiography, dental, rehabilitation and physical medicine services, as well as consultations by specialist physicians. The company employs 54 people. In 2021 its audited turnover was EUR 908,835. At the end of June 2017, the AS Olainfarm conglomerate became the owner of Olaine Municipality’s capital company SIA Olaines veselības centrs.