Let’s work together – Contract manufacturing with Olpha

Olpha is ready to engage in pharmaceutical contract manufacturing to help your company achieve its strategic goals by offering our production plant and expertise.

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Offering a wide spectrum of manufacturing

Formulation development and optimisation (for tablets, capsules, sachets)

Production of scalable series, i.e. from pilot series to validation series.

Execution of drug and excipient compatibility studies

Delivery of the developed technology to production

Chemistry know-how

Outstanding chemistry
know-how to bring excellence in manufacturing

The chemistry knowledge and expertise that makes us specialists in
pharmaceutical research and development.

Quinuclidine derivatives

Adamantane derivatives

Chiral amino

Aromatic and heterocyclic compounds

Handling of hazardous chemicals


Production capacity

Technology with capacity

The scale of the laboratory

Direct mixing/stirring
0.5 - 5 kg (3-15L)
High shear mixer
0.6 – 1.0 kg
Fluid bed equipment
0.8 – 1.3 kg
0.2 -1kg

The scale of the pilot series

Direct mixing/stirring
6-50 kg (30-150L)
High shear mixer
4 – 7 kg (31 L)
4-7 kg
Roll compaction
0 kg/hr
Type of blister packing
Alu/Alu, PVC/PVdC/Aclar/Alu
Production achievements

The highlights of our production achievements



> 1 bn

production capacity for tablets and capsules per year

8.1M €

investment in R&D in 2022

22M €

investment in new generic medicine portfolio in 2024

Why join Olpha?

Expertise and experience

With a team of 1000+ professional employees and 50+ years of experience, Olpha is an expert in the development and production of finished dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates in a vast range of therapeutic areas.

Production plant and equipment

Olpha offers a competitive remuneration that complies with the industry standards and the employee’s professional experience, expertise, competences and input to promoting the growth of the enterprise. We also provide privileges and bonuses as well as celebrate outstanding and long–term employees by organising an employee awards event yealy.

Individual approach

We approach each client’s needs and evaluate each cooperation on an individual level. We believe the best way of collaborating is finding the most suitable solution for any need together.

Our priority – a reliable process and high quality production

Olpha is develops generics as well as APIs and stands out with the full-cycle production offering.

Reliable supply chains

Olpha ensures consistent product availability to meet the market demand.

Cost efficiency

Efficient production processes, lower labour costs and regionally developed logistics result in greater cost efficiency.

Highest quality standards

Olpha holds its production to the highest industry quality standards. See more information on quality control and assurance on our Product governance page.


Our processes include effective sustainability measures, ensuring that our business processes are good for people and the planet. See more information on our Sustainability section.

Let’s work together to bring better health closer to people

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