To reduce the inflation-driven burden of the cost of living, which in December 2022 according to Central Statistical Bureau data was 20.8% higher than a year ago, since November AS Olainfarm has been paying out EUR 80,000 monthly to financially support its employees. The company plans to continue doing so for several more months. These bonuses are only a small portion of the support measures for employees, which have boosted employee loyalty: according to data from the annual employee survey, nearly 80% of Olainfarm’s employees are content with their work for the company.

Olainfarm is not just providing its employees with financial support during this inflationary period, it is also supporting them with a range of different bonuses on a daily basis: health insurance, transport to and from work along the Olaine-Riga-Olaine route, compensation for public transport tickets on other routes, a flexible work schedule for employees who are studying, extra vacations as a reward for length of service and special bonuses for all employees on the public holidays of May 4 and November 18, a five-week summer vacation during the maintenance of Olainfarm’s factory, as well as support for retired colleagues, etc.

The degree to which these bonuses are needed from day-to-day is confirmed by the data from the annual employee survey: 88% of employees feel proud of working at Olainfarm, 80% state that they do not intend to seek a new job elsewhere, and 89% plan to work for the company for at least another two years. Moreover, the company has a large number of long-term employees: 51% of staff have worked at Olainfarm for a decade or more.

“Annual employee surveys are a valuable instrument with which we can ascertain the company’s strengths and highlight areas where there is room for improvement. From the perspective of employees, it is important that they feel valued, know the criteria according to which their work is going to be evaluated, and the same applies to company management. We are proud of the fact that our employees feel as if they have a close connection with the company. This is the result of our deliberate and targeted work in continually investing in the modernization of the business and our employees’ welfare,” says Juris Bundulis, Chairman of the Board, AS Olainfarm.

This year, the factor most highly appreciated by employees is their managers’ empathy and ability to listen. Other key benefits of working at Olainfarm mentioned by the respondents include a modern, employee-friendly work environment and the pleasant internal climate, the option to work remotely, health insurance, congratulating and honouring colleagues on their birthdays, lunch subsidies, and the opportunity to meet colleagues in an informal atmosphere at the joint events organised by the company.