Already for the second year in a row, young chemistry teachers have been invited to apply for the “Chemistry Between Us!” scholarship established by the Latvian pharmaceutical manufacturer JSC Olainfarm, within the framework of which five young specialists have the opportunity to receive a one-time support of 3,000 euros each year. This year, SIA Centrālā laboratorija has also joined the initiative, which will award scholarships to the best young teachers of biology. Accordingly, the total fund of the scholarship has already increased up to 135,000 euros, and from now on 10 scholarships will be awarded annually. Until 15 April young specialists are invited to apply for a total of six scholarships, while applications for four more scholarships will take place in the autumn.

“We often hear in the public space calls for the state to consider and solve the issue of shortage of natural science specialists in the labour market. However, it will not be enough with calls for the government to solve or for children to learn the subjects. We should have professional, motivated and passionate teachers, who help young people to discover the fascinating world of natural sciences, and the wide possibilities of career choice. Therefore, Olainfarm has already implemented specific solutions to motivate and evaluate the new teachers, who are the foundation of the foundations that form and strengthen interest in chemistry, mathematics, biology and physics.  This will be already the second year when we will award scholarships to the outstanding young chemistry teachers. We are glad that the Central Laboratory has also joined the initiative this year, with the support of which future biology teachers will also receive scholarships,” emphasizes Juris Bundulis, the Chairman of the Board of JSC Olainfarm.

“Chemistry Between Us!” is a long-term scholarship program for future teachers, which was started by Olainfarm in 2023. Olainfarm will invest 75,000 euros in the program over five years, awarding five scholarships of 3,000 euros each year to the new chemistry teachers. While the Central Laboratory plans to allocate 60,000 euros for this purpose over the next four years, providing five scholarships to biology teachers every year.

“Biology is a subject that raises interest of young people in researching, analyzing and go into details. Having chosen to study biology several years ago and applying the acquired knowledge in the medical laboratory, I can say with full confidence that biology is an exciting science that forms the basis of everything around us and gives the opportunity to obtain a respectable profession. Until now, the Central Laboratory has worked with young people in various projects, organizing open biology lessons in the laboratory, which we will continue to do, but the teacher is the one who gives the child the first impulses, interest and knowledge about a specific subject. The energy and creativity of young teachers in our education system is now vitally needed to improve the overall quality of education and knowledge of students in science subjects. A teacher should not only be well paid, but also valued and respected by society. Therefore, we are pleased that we can be a part of such a socially important project,” says Stella Lapiņa, the Chairman of the Board of SIA Centrālā laboratorija.

Young and chemistry and biology teachers are invited to apply for the scholarship from 18 March to 15 April. The regulations of the scholarship program and the application form are available on the website of the project www.starpmumsirķī The scholarship will be awarded to students with the highest results in the previous semester. Young specialists who are currently learning the profession of a chemistry or biology teacher or learning natural sciences and in parallel are also teaching chemistry or biology at school are invited to apply for the scholarship. It is possible to apply for the scholarship twice a year – three scholarships for chemistry teachers and three scholarships for biology teachers will be awarded in the spring, and a total of four scholarship holders will be selected in the autumn.