The Latvian health sector’s most important event the Annual Awards in Medicine took place for the 13th time on 30 March. AS Olainfarm has supported this event since its inception, awarding its own special award to a medical professional in recognition of his or her contribution to the field of healthcare, which is vital importance to the whole of society. This year, Olainfarm’s special award was presented to psychiatrist and the Head of RPNC AC Pārdaugava Dr. Elmārs Tērauds.

The spread of stress-related ailments is rising both globally and in Latvia, propelled by the economic crisis, the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, as well as various personal crises of a larger or smaller nature. Such domestic occurrences as losing one’s job, family conflicts, divorce, problems with the law, financial losses, business bankruptcy, the inability to adapt to a new environment, and health problems, etc. can result in adaptation disorders, burnout syndrome and other maladies.

It is Olainfarm’s mission to improve public life. Therefore, for several years now, the company has highlighted the importance of mental health within society, accenting this by means of individual campaigns, at the medical conference held last autumn dedicated to the company’s 50th anniversary, and on the digital platform OpenOlainfarm, which offers doctors and for pharmacists the chance to attend lectures remotely in various realms of medicine with a view to fostering further education and certification.

“Health is more than the absence of illness or physical disorders. It is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and mental health is a crucial component of well-being. In other words, the individual is able to fulfil his potential, handle daily stress, adapt to conditions and work productively. We are jointly responsible for taking care of this – by nurturing our own emotional well-being, supporting children, and promptly noticing the problems of our fellow citizens. The past few years have been challenging for medicine throughout the world, striving to find a balance between public wants and needs, and continually adapting to rapidly changing conditions. Objectives are accomplished more easily if one encounters dependable partners along the way. Therefore, this year we have decided to present our special award to psychiatrist Elmārs Tērauds, who is a shining light within Latvian medicine and is making an invaluable contribution to societal well-being, facilitating adaptation to the new reality, and helping to mitigate stress,” says AS Olainfarm Supervisory Council Chairman Jānis Buks.

Olainfarm also presented a special award to the doctor, who won the people’s vote in the category 2022 Family Doctor of the Year.