Leading pharmaceutical company in the Baltics, Olainfarm AS, in collaboration with the Olaine municipality, has launched a new initiative starting from June of this year. Every newborn registered in the Olaine municipality will receive a baby care package worth over 50 euros. Considering the number of newborns registered in Olaine, there will be at least 200 packages distributed annually, with a total value exceeding 10,000 euros. Each package includes essential items for infant care, such as baby clothes, a blanket, a toy, hygiene products, and other necessary items.

The birth of a child into a family brings great joy and responsibility. At the beginning of this new journey, everyone needs encouragement, especially when starting something as powerful as life itself. That is why we are pleased to offer our support to families during the early stages of their little one’s life. The newborn care package we provide will serve as a small token of support to families, reaffirming that in Olaine, the capital of Latvian pharmaceuticals, every new resident is warmly welcomed, and there is a supportive environment for them to grow and fulfill their dreams,” says Juris Bundulis, Chairman of the Board at Olainfarm.

On average, around 200 newborns are registered in the Olaine municipality each year. The total population has also been increasing annually, with approximately 2,000 new residents since 2017, reaching a population of 21,600 by the end of 2022. This positive trend is driven by both an increase in births in the Olaine municipality and the creation of new job opportunities, which encourage people to move to Olaine. Additionally, various support measures for families, including family-friendly infrastructure for living, education, leisure activities, and resident-oriented services, contribute to this positive trend.

The Olaine municipality has proven to be a family-friendly municipality, providing a supportive environment for families in terms of well-developed infrastructure and attitudes. Families are supported with a one-time childbirth allowance of 300 or 400 euros, and each newborn receives a special gift, a silver coin, crafted by Latvian artisans. We are gratitude to Olainfarm for creating the opportunity to provide the first baby care packages to little Olaine residents,” says Līga Gulbe, Deputy Chairperson of the Olaine Municipal Council.

It has been almost five years since we moved to Olaine, and we highly appreciate the support available to families and the convenient infrastructure. We are also delighted with the new initiative and the baby care package provided by Olainfarm, as it not only demonstrates that we are welcomed and valued in Olaine but also contains useful items for baby, which will also benefit our family budget,” say Anastasija and Aleksandrs Vilemsons, whose family already includes a daughter, and they welcomed their son Toms at the beginning of June, making him the first registered newborn in the Olaine municipality to receive the baby care package provided by Olainfarm.

As a family-friendly company, Olainfarm also supports its employees who become parents of newborns. In addition to the childbirth allowance of 250 euros, the company’s employees will receive a baby care package for their newborns. Olainfarm provides various other benefits for employees with families, including additional holidays and bonuses for significant events in children’s lives.