After many years of working in the company, Līga still remembers well her job interview at Olpha, which she attended after graduating from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Latvia and receiving a Master’s degree. Although she applied as an intern at the time and later took the position of a Production Shift Supervisor in the Tableting Department, Līga was upfront and open about the fact that she did not want to stay in that position full-time because she wanted career growth. However, looking back on her time at the company, she is convinced that one must dream big, but dreams can only be fulfilled if one has dedication and love for what one does, and a workplace that is supportive and helps realize these goals. And Līga is another true confirmation of this as part of the Olpha team.

After about three years of working as a Production Shift Supervisor , she was offered to become Deputy Head of the Tableting Department, but at the beginning of 2024, Līga received another promotion – the opportunity to become Deputy Head of the End Product Department and prove that she is capable of ensuring the production of medicines at all stages of the chain from raw materials to packaging, observing many requirements to ensure that the medicines we produce are of high quality, effective and safe. In taking this position, Līga is also aware of the challenge and responsibility involved – the bar raised by experienced colleagues is very high, and Līga is determined not to disappoint its consultants, to integrate the knowledge gained from them with the latest trends and requirements in the production of medicines.

Along with her career development, Līga’s personal life also changed during this time, because at Olpha she met her husband, with whom she is raising two children now. Līga values ​​her time very much, so both she and her husband unanimously decided to live closer to work place, since, in their opinion, “every minute spent on the road will be wasted,” and besides, the Olaine region has everything young families need – both work and career opportunities, and an environment for raising children. In one sentence, “career and family” sometimes sounds very unrealistic, but Līga’s experience shows that everything is possible, and the achievement of our goals is often closer than we think.