His arrival at Olpha is in many ways legal, since he received his first education, namely the profession of a specialist in biotechnological processes, at the Olaine College of Technology at the Riga Technical University. During the internship, he already got used to the company, and immediately after graduation, Didzis began working in the Olpha Active Pharmaceutical Substances (APIs) workshop, which develops production technologies and transfers them to commercial production.

After working for several years on drug production, Didzis realized that he wanted to expand his competencies. Therefore, with the financial support of Olpha, he completed a bachelor’s degree program in Marketing and Sales Management at Turība Business School. He then continued his studies and received a Master of Business Administration degree. At the same time, Didzis received the foundation already in the Sales Department of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients at Olpha. After a short time, he took the next step on the career ladder – the position of Head of the Sales Department. As Didzis himself says, he is most fascinated by the dynamics and international environment, because he has to work with clients from all over the world. Pharmacy itself, in his opinion, is a very interesting, unique and highly prestigious industry in which he can build his career, as well as acquire excellent analogues and new contacts around the world. In addition, Didzis is also actively involved in the sport activities of the organization as one of the members of the Sports Committee, thereby promoting an active and healthy lifestyle in collective affairs and encouraging other colleagues.

But no one can conquer the highest peaks alone, and career is no exception. For Didzis, the support of his colleagues which he also values ​​very much, is very important.