“Clinic DiaMed” plans to invest 1.5 million euros in extending the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) service by the end of the year. During the development project, the clinic expects to purchase the second MRI machine and to adjust the premises, which will help patients to receive this highly requested service faster without waiting in long queues. The second MRI cabinet will open this autumn.

‘Currently the MRI cabinet is fully loaded. We perform up to 30 examinations a day and we see that the demand for this service is increasing. Acknowledging this situation, we have decided to develop this field by purchasing the high-class Helium-free Philips Ingenia Ambition X MRI machine.  This is a significant investment not only in the development of our clinic, but also in the health sector in Latvia, making this precise diagnostic service more accessible for the public,’ says Darja Cvetkova, the CEO of LLC “Klinika Diamed”.

Considering all diagnostic possibilities provided by the MRI examinations, the demand for this service increases following the improvement of medical technologies. Physicians refer patients for MRI examinations more and more often to detect health problems earlier and to prescribe the correct treatment. MRI diagnostic is fast, precise, and harmless to the human body. It helps to promptly detect the problem and prescribe treatment. Last year, DiaMed performed more than 10 thousand MRI examinations.

Thanks to the Helium-free technology of the new MRI machine, it has become less spatious and lighter. In terms of technology, it is able to provide very fast examinations and high image quality. For the patient’s comfort, the claustrophobic feeling is eliminated during the examination.

Dr. Karlis Kupcs, the medical director and member of the board of DiaMed, says: ‘It is possible to perform state-paid MRI examinations in our clinic too, though the national quotas are comparatively low and are filled during the first two hours after opening of appointment queues. The waiting time for the state-paid examination can be several months long. The opening of the new cabinet will definitely decrease the waiting time in the long queues and will provide faster health diagnostics, ensuring faster treatment. Precise and distinctive diagnostic images helps to plan the operation to be less traumatic, with less interference, which means faster recovery for the patient.’

LLC “Klinika DiaMed” is a subsidiary company of “Olainfarm Group”. The clinic has specialized in diagnostics, healthcare and rehabilitation for more than 15 years. There are more than 70 health practitioners working in DiaMed, including high-class radiologists-diagnotics.