Olainfarm is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Latvia and other Baltic countries. The company’s products are delivered to more than 60 countries around the world. The companies of the Olainfarm group are actively involved in helping Ukrainians who arrived in Latvia and those who remained in their homeland.

  • Olainfarm supported the employees of their representative office in Ukraine and provided support in the amount of 9,800,000 hryvnias in order to compensate their losses and support their work in difficult times;
  • With the support of the charitable organization Olainfarm provided humanitarian aid with drugs that are most needed by Ukrainians (Adaptol, Neuromidin, Etacyzin, Noofen, Fenkarol) and Tonus Elast medical products (including post-operative belts, joint, neck and arm braces, which are very important during the rehabilitation period etc., elastic bands), disinfectants and face masks, in the amount of 6,800,000 hryvnias;
  • The Olainfarm company supports medical professionals from Ukraine who arrived in Latvia as refugees. Last year, two prominent Ukrainian chemists started working in the newly established scientific research center of Olainfarm, and three doctors from Ukraine started working in Klīnika DiaMed and OlainMedOlainfarm group companies. Many pharmacists started working in Latvijas aptieka pharmacies. Olainfarm Group companies also offer jobs for Ukrainians who are forced to leave Ukraine: neurologists, therapists, endocrinologists, cardiologists, radiologists, ENT specialists, dentists, surgeons, operating room nurses, nurse anesthetists, dental nurses, physiotherapists, functional nurses and outpatient nurses;
  • Employees of the company in Latvia hospitably provided shelter in their homes for refugees from Ukraine.
  • In addition to creating jobs for Ukrainians in its subsidiary companies, Olainfarm also helps Ukrainian citizens living in Latvia in various ways. For example, in Latvijas aptieka pharmacies, technical support has been adapted so that it is possible to issue medicines and medical products, which are compensated by the state of Latvia, to citizens of Ukraine.