Under his leadership, the company built a solar panel park with a total capacity of 3.2 megawatts and implemented other equally important sustainability and energy efficiency projects. “The awareness that I can play a key role in continually reducing the company’s impact on the environment is crucial for me. I am a “green” thinking person, and thinking about what kind of world we will leave future generations matters to me,” says Igors Vilcāns.

Just as important to him are relationships with people. Currently, about 20 people work under Igors, and as he says, the team has power. “We can never know everything, therefore it is good to have colleagues alongside us who will not refuse advice and help. It is a lot easier and more efficient to work in a team with friendly and respectful relations,” believes Igors.

Igors obtained the professional qualification of an electrical engineer at Riga Technical University, and has worked for the company since 2011. He started his professional career at “Olpha” as the Electrical Section Manager, and six years later he was promoted to the company’s Chief Power Engineer.