“Two years ago, the company successfully changed shareholders, who have defined a clear strategic goal – expansion into new export markets and conquering international markets with a growth-enhancing and competitive product portfolio. They are not just baseless goals, but the commitment of resources and tens of millions of euros. The rebranding is a logical step in our transformation from a regional player to an international company, offering a clear, good-sounding and modern name for global markets, while retaining the core of Olainfarm, which has been used for decades and is so familiar to people,” explains Jānis Buks, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Olpha.

The company’s core value has always been people, their health, life and quality of life.  This value remains the same, but Olpha wants to take it to the next level by becoming even more accessible and closer to its patients, employees, partners and professionals internationally. With new development opportunities, Olpha wants to demonstrate that quality healthcare is achievable, adopting “Within reach” (Tev tuvāk) as its new slogan. The new brand represents the values of continuous growth, adaptability, positive health and healthy change in every destination.  The new name Olpha /oʊlfə/ / retains a clear core from the historical “Olainfarm” with a clear reference to the company’s origin (Olaine, Latvia) and sector of activity – pharmaceuticals. In this way, Olpha retains its important local patriotism, but gives its name an international sound and a modern visual identity in order to expand internationally.

“As part of its new development strategy, Olpha has already invested tens of millions of euros in product portfolio development, plant modernisation and capacity expansion. As the company and its goals have changed, we have grown out of our existing brand, the story and history it has built. We are ready to take a very bold but necessary step for the pharmaceutical industry and rebrand to match our vision and ambition, as well as our existing workflow. We have worked carefully on the new brand to reflect our new development story and to help us expand into new markets and new development paths,” says Juris Bundulis, Chairman of the Board of Olpha.

Olpha aims to expand its footprint and enter new markets worldwide, with a particular focus on Europe. The company plans to grow its product portfolio in these regions, emphasizing key therapeutic groups such as neurology, cardiology, urology, oncology, anti-diabetes, and antibacterial therapies. This expansion aims to bring affordable medicines to diverse communities and society at large. Already, Olpha has subsidiaries in France, Italy, Spain, Germany and Poland.

Adapting the Olpha product portfolio to the trends of the Western and global markets, the company’s product portfolio currently includes more than 50 new patent-exempt medicines that have been approved and registered in more than ten EU countries according to the market situation. 31 medicines have already been submitted for registration in cardiology, neurology, urology, oncology, diabetes, infections and allergies. For a number of products, the first commercial launches are planned for this year – as soon as all regulatory requirements are met. Around 100 new products are in development.

“Export-oriented companies that produce high value-added products capable of competing not only in the EU market but also globally are a solid foundation for Latvia’s economic development. On this basis, we can both raise the standard of living and well-being of our citizens more rapidly and be better prepared for the various challenges that technological progress and external conditions bring with them. I am glad that Olpha with its rebranding and ambition to become one of the leading European manufacturers of medicines in its therapeutic groups will be able to contribute to the implementation of Latvia’s economic growth strategy developed by the Ministry of Economics, according to which the gross domestic product is to grow by 4-5 per cent annually over the next decade,” said Viktors Valainis, Minister of Economy.

The Strategic Plan 2030 of Olpha provides for an even stronger focus on research and development, with new finished dosage forms and active pharmaceutical ingredients added to the product portfolio every year. It also includes a major multi-phase international expansion into other emerging markets – Western Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and North America. The company also intends to work actively on its culture, fostering a tireless entrepreneurial spirit and a results-oriented attitude at all levels.

Taking into account the regulatory requirements for the manufacture, registration and circulation of medicinal products, the rebranding will take place gradually. Until the necessary changes are made, all product packaging and registration certificates will bear the previous Olainfarm brand name. The company will carry out the process in a step-by-step manner and in strict compliance with all requirements.

The new brand, its positioning, and visual identity were developed by one of the leading advertising agencies in the Baltics, LLC McCann Riga. Their campaigns have won international awards, and the agency has been named Agency of the Year in Latvia for several consecutive years.